Cura is a digital agent, that gives support during the first, organizational steps in home care. It connects the nursing relative with all important contact persons and helps to complete forms and applications as well as keeping track of appointments and events.


How could technology solve some of our health care system's problems?

Our team, consisting of design and nursing students, focused on the daily challenges nursing relatives have to deal with in their everyday life.

After extensive desk-research and several interviews it turned out that one of the biggest challenges is the bureaucracy and organization in the beginnging of a nursing case

„Need for long-term care entails endless formalities and appointments. Constantly you have to submit applications, to complete questionaires, to provide evidence and to raise objections - all on schedule and unsolicited.“

„Most nursing relatives have neither the time nor the nerves to constantly deal with a unmanagable flood of information. That’s why many of them relinquish owing benefits.“

„The given guides for orientation are not satisfactory. An objective neutral and especially plain overview, for example about how to request allowance for nursing care and in which cases it is paid, is hard to find.“


As digital agent Cura is able to handle many tasks in the background without needing the user to pay attention. So Cura saves a lot of valuable time for the nursing relative.

The Main tasks are:

Generating suitable applications, cover letters and forms (for example degree of care, short-term care, etc.)

Archiving applications and activities in a clear and understandable way.

Connecting the nursing person with the right contact persons and keeping them up to date about the individual care situation.

Indicating the next neccessary steps and reminding of appointments and other events.

Cura is not only helping the nursing relatives but also the customer services at health insurance companies. Bureaucratic work is facilitated and automated by the intelligent agent, so there is more time for personal consulting service


Defining the Chatbots personality helps to manage user expectations. We chose the metaphor of the octopus to introduce Cura as a clever and quick multitasker. Using an animal persona makes sure users won't expect the Bot to act on a humanlike level. Users should view Cura as a clever assistant, not an all-knowing professional. So it is always making clear it’s boundaries - for example that Cura can not offer medical or emotional support.


The project was developed under the guidence of Prof. Matthias Edler-Golla, Prof. Florian Petri, Prof. Dr. Strupeit and Mirko Franck - Project Manager of the Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship. I worked in collaboration with Katja Niggl, Melanie Pfnür and Anna Lieb.


April 2016 - June 2016

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