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Hello World! My name is Verena and I

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A board-game-like platform that blends digital information with haptic interactions and allows its users to author custom mobile games without any programming experience.



BrailleBuddy is a compact portable TUI (tangible user interface) that facilitates children’s self-directed exploration of Braille, a tactile font used by visually impaired people.

Magic Glove


The concept of a smart kitchen glove that integrates the human intuitively into the network of smart devices, thereby reducing the complexity of the modern kitchen environment.

Cura Chatbot


Cura is a digital agent, that gives support during the first, organizational steps in home care. It connects the nursing relative with all important contact persons and helps to complete forms and applications as well as keeping track of appointments and events.

Hi, my name is Verena. After completing my Bachelor’s Degree in Design at the University of Applied Science in Munich, I studied Media Informatics and Human-Computer-Interaction at LMU Munich. With my background in design, what fascinates me most about programming is bringing ideas and user-friendly interactions to life. Besides that, I’m an introvert who likes to paint and read. Furthermore, I enjoy nature and hikes (especially in retrospect, when the tiring part is already over).

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